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The Pastel Rainbow DIY Kit

The Pastel Rainbow DIY Kit

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Balloon Pump

The Pastel Rainbow Balloon Garland

All of our balloon garlands feature double-stuffed balloons (one balloon inside another) - which can last up to a few months when kept indoors, out of direct sunlight and away from any sharp objects! Not only are they more durable, but they truly make your garland colours 'pop', with less transparency and more vibrancy! 

Balloon Colours:
Pastel Matte Pink inside White, Pastel Matte Yellow inside White, Pastel Matte Green inside White, Pastel Matte Blue inside White, Pastel Matte Lilac inside White

What's in my 3m Kit?
- 18 x 12cm Double Stuffed Balloons
- 36 x 30cm Double Stuffed Balloons
- 12 x 45cm Double Stuffed Balloons
- 3 x 60cm Double Stuffed Balloons
- Hand Pump (Optional Add-On)
- 3.5m Balloon Strip
- 1 x Glue Dot Roll
- 1m String
- Instructions with QR Video Tutorial Link

Please Note: This Kit is currently only available in 3m.

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