What's in the DIY Garland Kits

Garland Kits come with the following:

Double Stuffed Balloons:
18 x 12cm Balloons
36 x 30cm Balloons
12 x 45cm Balloons
3 x 60cm Balloons
1 x 3.5m Balloon Strip
1 x Glue Dot Roll
1 x Hand Pump (Optional)
1 x 1m Balloon String
Instruction Card + QR Tutorial Link

How long does it take to make

It’ll take approx. 1-1.5 hours to make a 3m Balloon Garland. A little quicker if you have two people making this – one to blow up the balloons and the other to attach!

Are there step by step instructions with the Kits

Yes! We’ve even put some extra tips on the instructions to help make your process easier. There’s also a QR code link to the Video Tutorial, so you can follow this step by step if needed.

Is there a video tutorial I can watch

Yes there is. We post all videos over in our Tutorial page. Here’s the link:

Click Here

Do you do custom order requests

Yes! Simply choose our custom diy kit and everything will be organised through emails.

Do we need to create the Garland the same way you have

Nope! This is your garland - create it any way you wish. Whether that's the same way I did or change it up to a scattered look or a larger block form. Choice is yours!

Do you offer Helium Inflation for balloons in Adelaide?

We do! For a personalised quote, please get in contact with us via email and we can organise all the details through there :)

Still have some more questions?

The BBY team is here and ready to help with all your questions.
Get in touch with us via our Contact page or send us an email: hello@balloonsbyyou.com.au