What are Double Stuffed Balloons?

Double stuffed balloons are two balloons in one. 

Having one balloon inside another allows our balloons to not only last longer, but they're stronger, the colours are more vibrant and luxe and it also allows us to create unique colours - including matte looking balloons.

All of our balloon garlands feature double stuffed balloons, which last substantially longer than single balloons. Our garlands are known to last up to a few months when kept indoors, out of sunlight and away from sharp objects... our customers often end up popping the balloons on purpose because they don't seem to be deflating ;)

When you purchase a DIY Kit, you will notice all balloons are already prepped double stuffed for you, meaning all you need to do is blow them up with a Hand Pump or Electric Pump. Saving you more time to enjoy making your new garland!

PLUS if you have multiple events coming up with a similar colour scheme, you can reuse it more than once, how good is that?!

Purchase one of our colour kits today OR get in contact with us to create a custom colour Kit! 

What are Double Stuffed Balloons?
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